Red Varden Studios

Red Varden Studios is a television and film production company with a slate that features content for studios, broadcast networks, cable networks, syndication, and digital media outlets.

Red Varden Studios offers a respected, structured, and challenging internship program that is essentially an assistant training program/entertainment boot camp. Former interns have been hired at Silver Pictures, Warner Brothers, CBS, ABC, Fox, NBC Universal, VH1, MTV, William Morris Endeavor, CAA, ICM, USA Network, HBO and countless others. Their internship program is targeted towards individuals who are professional, polished, talented, and committed to a career in television or film as a studio executive, network executive, producer, agent, writer, or director.

You will earn the fundamentals of the entertainment industry and participate in the research and development of their projects. Interns will also learn the intern syllabus, think of titles for television shows, review treatments, conduct online research, help cast shows, and much more. Red Varden offers part-time internships year round to students of all majors and all class levels.

Radiant Productions

Radiant Productions is director Wolfgang Petersen’s production company. Mr. Petersen’s credits include In the Line of Fire, The Perfect Storm, The Neverending Story, Troy, Das Boot, and the recent Poseidon.

Radiant Productions’ internship is an ideal, hands-on learning experience for students interested in producing, screenwriting, directing, and/or development. Interns will read scripts, books, and graphic novels; write coverage and receive feedback; complete research projects; and actively seek out story ideas from books, newspapers, magazines, news shows, etc. They will handle general office duties, as well as learn the lingo and etiquette specific to the industry. They may also have the opportunity to join internal staff meetings or a pitch meeting or general meeting, at the supervisor’s discretion.

This is an unpaid internship with academic credit required. Days/hours are negotiable. The company can accommodate up to five full days/week, but requires a minimum of two full days/week; a full day is 10 AM – 7 PM with one hour for lunch.

Content Media Corporation

Content Media Corporation, an international sales and distribution company, works in film, television, and digital media, and is looking for summer interns. Duties include script coverage, providing input on screeners, assisting in prep for festivals and markets, and administrative tasks. The ideal candidate would be available 2–3 days a week.

Interns must provide their own transportation. School credit is required.

QED Holdings

QED International (District 9), a leading independent production company, seeks motivated and enthusiastic interns for their summer internship program.

Duties include reading, researching, handling phones, performing errands, and completing script coverage. Ideal candidates are resourceful, detail-oriented, and full of pleasant can-doism. They should be able to exercise discretion when dealing with high-profile individuals and be familiar with Excel.

School credit is preferred. Interns should work a minimum of two days per week.

Storm Studios

Storm Studios is a leading marketing, design, and production company that specializes in “standout” advertising and promotion for the entertainment industry. Storm’s attention-grabbing creative and distinctive editorial style has set them apart from other companies in the industry. The studio’s high profile and award-winning projects include The Shield, X-Men, Entertainment Tonight, The Grammy Awards, Dr. Phil, The X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Austin Powers: Goldmember.

The company is looking for GRFX and Edit interns to train with editors and graphic artists to complete small projects, assist with the creative process on projects, and ensure that projects are completed in a timely manner. There is strong consideration for interns with experience in Avid, AfterEffects, and Motion.

This is an unpaid internship averaging 20 hours a week. Academic credit is not required. This internship is open to recent alums.

Wendy Finerman Productions

Wendy Finerman Productions (One for the Money, The Devil Wears Prada, P.S. I Love You) is looking for responsible, motivated, development interns. These positions are unpaid with flexible hours, but offer school credit.

This is a great opportunity for someone who is eager to learn the ins and outs of feature film development. Applicants should have a strong interest in development and/or production, as interns will be working closely with the VP of development. Basic duties include reading incoming submissions, providing script coverage, conducting Internet research for upcoming projects, and helping with basic office tasks.