SFTV Career Connect: Internships Online

New! Announcing LMU School of Film and Television’s career development database, SFTV Career Connect. SFTV students can explore the best internships in the entertainment industry, 24/7. And employers gain access … Read more

Danielle Ownbey Works in a World of ‘Mad Men’

“The biggest challenge is the terrifying intimidation of being around such intelligent, successful and creative people all day. I always worry about doing something wrong but in the end I just work really hard and hope that everything goes smoothly. They haven’t kicked me out yet, so hopefully that means they like me,” said Ownbey.

Sound Instruction: Linda Gedemer

LGedemer Headshot - Sound Instruction: Linda Gedemer

There’s no such thing as wasted knowledge. This is a phrase that embodies Linda Gedemer. The part-time Recording Arts instructor, who has been teaching at LMU since 2004, has made … Read more

Route One Films

Route One Films is an independent film finance company that develops, produces, and finances films in the $15-$30 million range. The company’s principals include Jay Stern (Producer of the hit … Read more

RWSG Literary Agency

RWSG Literary Agency is a boutique literary agency representing exceptional writers of books, film and television. RWSG represents only the finest writers from every genre. The RWSG Literary Agency is … Read more

Granfalloon Productions

Granfalloon is the award-winning production company run by filmmakers and LMU alums Laura Boersma and John Stewart Muller. With a slate of talented motion picture directors, the company delivers unique, … Read more