Hubert Sauper: We Come as Friends

Oscar-nominated filmmaker Hubert Sauper recently descended upon LMU with his latest film, We Come as Friends, a documentary that has the feel of an epic “road movie,” only the horror … Read more

Being Howard Lavick

When Professor Howard Lavick retires to Southern Oregon this summer, we will be sad to see him go. But Lavick, who began teaching film courses at LMU in 1984, has … Read more

PSA Encourages Diversity

psadiversity - PSA Encourages Diversity

Clinical Assistant Screenwriting Professor Paul Chitlik’s PSA Look Around, about people with disabilities, is getting a lot of play. Produced by LMU students, including Eli Portillo (PROD – M.F.A ’16) … Read more

A Story of Giving: I Am Standing

Filmmakers Neil Hilken and Thomas Ireton (Production – B.A. ’14), now alums, reflect on collaborating with four LMU senior engineering students as they embarked on a project to create an … Read more

A Magic Moment in Berlin

Christopher Helkey (Production – B.A. ’15) is having a great senior year. His film, The Magic Moment, won a best documentary prize at the 2014 Film Outside the Frame awards, … Read more

Angelina Jolie Presents LMU Scholarships

There was not a dry eye in the room when Angelina Jolie presented not one, but two full-ride scholarships for Loyola Marymount University during The Hollywood Reporter’s 23rd Annual Women … Read more

Tour of Duty

Steve Duncan does not want to be the diversity guy. But the veteran screenwriting professor can’t change that. “When I started teaching college students 20 years ago, just the fact … Read more