Visions 4 Film Festival and Conference – Last Minute Deadline

Visions Film Festival and Conference provides a platform for undergraduate filmmakers and film scholars to discover their voices and expand their artistic perspectives. Though located in Wilmington, North Carolina, a region with a strong film presence, Visions is an international event, fostering a growing global community of artists. Visions creates an environment that promotes learning and networking between filmmakers and scholars, and our unique perspective stems from one simple fact–we are a festival and conference created by, for and about undergraduate film students. Ultimately, we are creating an adventure––a professional outlet on an amateur stage, where unique undergraduate minds create an enriched experience for everyone involved.

LATE DEADLINE: January 28, 2014 ($40 USD)

Film submissions are to be made by snail mail. Deadlines are for the date Visions receives your submissions, remember to mail your entry fee and form soon enough so that we receive it in time. Entry fees can be paid with a check or money order made out to Visions Film Festival & Conference. Screeners should be sent as a password-protected private Vimeo URL. If selected, we will require an H.264 MOV version of the film for the event.