Team of LMU Freshmen Win at Nikon European Film Festival

LMU freshmen Martin Taube (Production – B.A. ‘18), Tancredi Di Paola (Production – B.A. ‘18), Ksusha Genenfeld (Production – B.A. ‘18), Jack Ritter (Production – B.A. ‘18), and Brian L. Grant (Screenwriting – B.A. ‘18) teamed together last December to make two-minute short film Powerless that recently won the Technical Excellence award at the 2015 Nikon European Film Festival. The film cleverly depicts how electricity and technology dictate our daily lives.

“We all sat down together, the five of us, and tried to come up with a story from a new perspective,” says Taube, the ringleader of the project.

Racing against a deadline, the students met up, wrote the script, completed pre-production and shot the entire film in four days, all on a $0 budget! Which goes to show, where there’s a will there’s a way.

“There were a lot of worthy opponents, and we are thrilled to have proven ourselves in the world of film, not only as filmmakers but as a team,” says Taube.

As many times as we’ve seen the LMU bluff in our students’ films, this is one of the most gorgeous renditions.

Congratulations on your teamwork, Taube, Di Paolo, Genenfeld, Ritter and Grant!

Watch Powerless above.