Students and Faculty Shine at the 2020 SFTV Awards

It’s awards season, and not just for Hollywood. On Thursday night, students, alumni, faculty, and staff gathered virtually on LMU’s School of Film and Television’s Facebook page to honor the incredible craft, work ethic, and perseverance of the SFTV community.

The SFTV Awards is an annual event that recognizes the best student films made in that academic year. Typically held in the spring, the awards ceremony was moved to the fall semester and online due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Still, that didn’t stop the celebration as faculty provided heartfelt words, students gave their acceptance speeches, and alumni popped in to offer their advice at the first-ever virtual SFTV Awards.

2020 SFTV Award Winners and Nominees

Industry Awards

Best Undergraduate Pilot

  • Mallom Liggon – 2003
  • Ariana Skeeland – Friends of the Family | Winner

Best Graduate Pilot

  • Cassandra Adele Burge – Wisdom to Know the Difference | Winner
  • Jillian Ibarra – L.A.
  • Erica Sinclair – A Safe Space

Best Undergraduate Feature

  • Charles Cleveland – Lilith
  • Blake Jackson – Outpost 137
  • Jenna Lafferty – The Final Rose | Winner

Best Graduate Feature

  • Vincent Ferris – Winter Crossing
  • Savannah Solorio – The Way We Are
  • Stanley Swindling – Nights on Fire | Winner

Best Sound

  • Alex Alford – The Man and the Monster
  • Adele Orsen – Astral
  • Madison Lair, Baxter Chase, and Benjamin Rachlis – Wham | Winner
  • Da Qin – The Master

Best Editing

  • Dale Campo – How We Fare Well
  • Alec Farmer – Boone’s Refrain
  • Sasha Lebedeva – Stay at Home
  • Enyi Zhu & Bolun Wei – Grandpa’s Long March | Winner

Best Cinematography

  • Thomas Bolles – Wham
  • Thomas George – 8:48 AM
  • Jacob Lallas – Astral
  • Shudi Zheng – Night Shift | Winner

Best Production Design

  • Emma Bartels – Wham
  • Nancy Casas – Mamma!
  • Lina Larson & Sonja Bales – Rogue
  • Sasha Sibley – The Painted | Winner

Best Documentary

  • Emma Forthofer – A Fifth Season | Winner
  • Thomas Richmond – Living Remnants
  • Zackary Rayner – The Watchman

Best Animation

  • Abigail Alonso – Bip from Planet Plutus
  • Sonja Bales – Mudlark
  • Harrison Klein – Criminal Mimes | Winner

Cub Award
Awarded to the best Sophomore level film

  • Rylee Rosenquist – The Real Roommates of the Bluff
  • Henry Vaughn – Snapshots
  • Wendy Xu – What’s in the Mirror During Witching Hour? | Winner

Silver Lion Award
Awarded to the best Junior level film

  • Thomas Richmond – Living Remnants
  • Emma Forthofer – A Fifth Season
  • Rishabh Trivedi – 8:48 AM | Winner

Gold Lion Award
Awarded to the best Senior level film

  • Dale Campo – How We Fare Well
  • Sasha Sibley – The Painted | Winner
  • Bolun Wei – Grandpa’s Long March

Best Graduate Picture
Awarded to the best Graduate level film

  • Henrietta Biayemi – Pigment
  • Kare Bortolus – Evening and Morning, The First Day
  • Tammy Trinh – Cardboard Casserole
  • Jinyan Zhang – The Master | Winner


Departmental Awards

Arkoff Award for Best Produced Film
Taylor Aguilar – Dandelions

The James Wong Best Picture Award
Alejandro Gonzalez – Lost Memories of the South

The Jesuit Community Awards

  • Finding God In All Things Awards
    Sonja Bales – Grief Lighting
    Zhiyuan Zou – In The Name of Holy Buddha
    Enyi Zhu – Places We Won’t Walk
  • Undergraduate Pope Francis Award
    Susan Tilbury – Invisible Chains
  • Graduate Pope Francis Award
    Savannah Solorio – The Way We Are

Arkoff Award for Best Unproduced Screenplay
Theodore Bronson – Stonebleeder

Henry Bromell Fellowship
Kendra Copeland – Custody

Bernard Abbene Comedy Writing
Jenna Lafferty – The Final Rose

Social Justice Screenplay Award
Jamil O’Quinn – Street Sweep

Animation Departmental Award
Tyler Immel

Woody Woodpecker Award
Miranda Robinson & Rachel Kopito

Outstanding Writing for the Screen Graduate Student
Jessica D. Johnson

Outstanding Writing and Producing for Television Graduate Student
Flynn MacDonald

The Michael Peters Award Undergraduate Screenwriting Award
Sarah Rasmussen

Recording Arts Departmental Award
Eric Van Thyne

Ian Connor Award for Best Cinematographer
Max Gleiser

Production Department Award for Outstanding Undergraduate
Ryan Hopkins

Production Department Award for Outstanding Graduate
Brandon Estrella