Student Spotlight: Lizzie Germann ’17

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Lizzie Germann ’17

Do you have a favorite moment from attending an SFTV event?

When Kenneth Branagh came for The Hollywood Masters, he was asked about his adaptation of As You Like It, which was not well received by critics. Branagh responded by essentially saying that his philosophy when it comes to his work is: do what you want, and if it doesn’t go well, move on; that’s all you can do. The statement seems simple, but coming from a performer and director whom I admire so much – and being so uncertain, at that time, about my own place as a writer – that sentiment stuck with me, and has ever since.

What has been your biggest challenge in grad school?

Balancing a job, an internship and being enrolled full-time has always been a challenge. It requires a whole new level of self-discipline for me. But I know it’s preparing me well for life in the capital-I Industry.

Do you have a “best Los Angeles moment” from your time here so far?

Last spring I interned at a startup comedy studio that was based on the 35th floor of the City National Bank Building downtown. The 35th floor! I went to security and took the elevator up and looked out – I couldn’t believe it. That day was when I really, truly believed for the first time that I was working in Los Angeles.

Who have been your best connections in grad school?

I think the best connections I’ve made so far are my WPTV cohort. They’re extremely skilled, creative, and, most of all, extremely kind. I’m going to be sad when we all graduate and go our separate ways, but I hope to stay in contact with them. I’m so excited to see where we all go.