Student Spotlight: Laura Franco ’17

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Laura Franco ’17

Two years ago Laura Franco ’17 left her native Cali, Colombia to pursue an M.F.A. in Film and TV Production at LMU, and her dream of becoming a cinematographer. We asked Laura to provide some advice for prospective students and share her personal highlights from the program.

What has been one of your favorite moments from an LMU class?

Learning how to light a car by cinematographer Bill Bennet in Advanced Cinematography class.

If you could give one piece of advice to students interested in pursuing an M.F.A., what would it be?

You have to care. You have to be sure you want to study again, do homework and wake up early for class. You have to truly want to learn something new, otherwise you won’t make it.

What has been your most valuable experience at LMU so far?

Learning so much about the American film industry and befriending people from countries with a completely different culture from mine. The exposure to different cultures and opinions truly makes you a better and more tolerant person.

Where do you see the future of visual storytelling in 10 years?

I think a lot more films are going to be made about cultural clashes, racism and gender violence. I also think international films are getting stronger every year.