Station 3 Entertainment

Station 3 Entertainment is a television and film management/production company. The company represents clients, select films, television writers, directors, and actors as well as produce film and television. Interns will learn first-hand about the entertainment industry and the day-to-day business of managers and producers. Training and instruction for the interns will include how to analyze scripts critically, how to generate viable original film and television project ideas, and how to perform various entertainment industry related tasks. They will also have the opportunity to meet with executives and attend company meetings. Other responsibilities will include project research, desk floating, and administrative tasks for all departments. Schedules are flexible, although the more you can commit the better. General knowledge of computers is essential.

Candidates who can work throughout a whole school semester are preferable. To apply, email your resume to with subject “Attn: Internship Program.” Please also indicate availability per week along with start and end dates. Applicants of interest will be contacted directly.