Starstuck: LMU Students Take Hollywood (Satire) By Storm

Starstuck Best Res 300x169 - Starstuck: LMU Students Take Hollywood (Satire) By StormOn Saturday, March 7, 2015, Starstuck, a web series created by LMU students Riley Ettinger (WPTV – M.F.A. ’16), Jonathan Talbert (WPTV – M.F.A. ’16) and Tom Young (WPTV – M.F.A. ’16) will debut on YouTube. The six-episode series is a Hollywood satire about a struggling starlet trying to remain in the public eye while under house arrest.

Ettinger, Talbert and Young came up with the idea for the web series in March 2014. “Looking to practice episodic storytelling with our peers, we began brainstorming ideas for a web series we could feasibly produce. Taking into account time, budget, and other logistical constraints, we chose to tell a story in a self-contained location. And that’s when we discovered our show: our protagonist would be under house arrest!” said Young.

Once the idea was in motion, they enlisted the help of their fellow Lions to create the series.

“As eager participants in the Hollywood entertainment machine, we took great pleasure in developing this satire, lampooning our celebrity-obsessed culture willing to follow any “role model” with a pretty face and a modicum of talent. Under this comedic lens, we were able to explore such universal themes as friendship, fame, forgiveness, and finding the perfect outfit to wear before dramatically violating parole,” said Young, adding, “On each step of the process, from breaking stories and workshopping scripts in the writers’ room to preparing and executing our seven-day shoot, to the editing room and releasing final videos on YouTube, we have been incredibly grateful for the support from the LMU community. This project would not have been possible without the help of our advisor, Jeffrey Davis, as well as the rest of the SFTV faculty and staff who have provided us with the knowledge and expertise for writing and production. We are excited for the opportunity to showcase our hard work and share some laughs with the greater LMU community.”

Subscribe and watch Starstuck episodes on YouTube starting tomorrow, Saturday, March 7th here

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Congratulations to everyone involved!

Co-Executive Producers:
Riley Ettinger (WPTV – M.F.A. ’16)
Jonathan Talbert (WPTV – M.F.A. ’16)
Tom Young (WPTV – M.F.A. ’16)

Micaela Canedo (WPTV – M.F.A. ’16)
Michael Salomon (WPTV – M.F.A. ’16)

Staff Writers:
Tasha Henderson (FFSW – M.F.A. ’15)
Jonathan Medici (FFSW – M.F.A. ’16)
Evan Romansky (FFSW – M.F.A. ’16)
David Falcone (WPTV – M.F.A. ’16)
John Pickhaver (WPTV – M.F.A. ’16)

Jonathan Talbert (WPTV – M.F.A. ’16)
Ignacio Reveco (Production – M.F.A. ’14)
Matt Van Tine (Production – M.F.A. ’15)
Alec Baer (Production – M.F.A. ’16)

Director of Photography:
Huan Manton (Film & TV Production – B.A. ’15)

Assistant Camera:
DJ Schottky (Film & TV Production – B.A. ’15)
Victoria McCurrie (Film & TV Production – B.A. ’16)

Production Sound:
Ed Morales (Production – M.F.A. ’15)

Logan Fulton (Film & TV Production – B.A. ’17)

Austin Klingner (Film & TV Production – B.A. ’15)