SFTV Awards 2016

0J9A6637 300x200 - SFTV Awards 2016As we call “wrap” on the 2015-2016 school year, the School of Film and Television congratulates all of our graduating students and also recognizes those students among the class of 2016 who were honored with various academic awards.

SFTV Student Awards (faculty selected awards based on department criteria):
Animation: Hunter Gibson (ANIM)
Recording Arts: Stefan Richter (RECA)
Production Undergraduates: Claire Andreae (PROD)
Production Graduate: Sadia Qutubuddin (PROD)
Ian Connor Cinematography: James “Billy” Yates (PROD)
Undergraduate Screenwriting: Rachel Sassara (SCWR), Elizabeth Tapang (SCWR)
M.F.A. Feature Screenwriting: Evan Romansky (SCWR)
M.F.A. Writing and Producing for TV: Terrence Grant (WPTV)

Academic Awards (based on GPA):
College Scholar: Claire Andreae (PROD )
Program Scholar: Katarina Klask (ANIM), Claire Andreae (PROD), Evan Schaaf (RECA), Kimiko Wotjena (SCWR)
Graduate Award:  Frank Cohen (PROD), Evan Romansky (FFSW), Jonathan Talbert (WPTV)
SFTV Grad of the Year: Nicholas Pangilinan (FFSW)

2015 Student Service & Leadership Awards: Jane Chow (PROD), Sierra Hegle (SCWR), Peter Schrupp (RECA, MGMT)

Woody Woodpecker Award (faculty selected annual award for the Best Animator – winner receives a a Woody Woodpecker statuette and a $2500 check from the Walter Lantz Foundation): Micaela McCauley (ANIM)

Student Athlete Awards: Toni Boteva (PROD), Tyler Laboda (ANIM), Grant Lapovich (RECA), Jacquline Verdugo (PROD), Erin Williams (PROD)

As President Bill Clinton told Lions in his 2016 Undergraduate Commencement address, “Set the world on fire – in the right way.” SFTV graduates are well on their way.

Caps off to you, Lions! Well done!