SFTV Student Awards 2015

Awards 300x200 - SFTV Student Awards 2015As we head into summer, the School of Film and Television congratulates all of our graduating students and also recognizes those students among the class of 2015 who were honored with various academic awards. Pat yourselves on the back…or let us do it for you! Go Lions!

SFTV Student Awards (faculty selected awards based on department criteria):
Animation: Michelle Singh (Animation – B.A. ’15)
Recording Arts: Gavin Finn (Recording Arts – B.A. ’15)
Production Undergraduates: Jessica Inyene Akpan (Production – B.A. ’15), Matthew Law-Phipps (Production – B.A. ’15)
Production Graduates: Elida Portillo (Production – M.F.A. ’15) , Irma Puzauskaite (Production – M.F.A. ’15)
Ian Connor Cinematography: Laura Jansen (Production – B.A. ’15), Shanhuan Manton (Production – B.A. ’15)
Undergraduate Screenwriting: Jess Ansik (Screenwriting – B.A. ’15), Samantha Ring (Screenwriting – B.A. ’15)
M.F.A. Feature Screenwriting: Danielle Ownbey (Screenwriting – M.F.A. ’15)
M.F.A. WPTV Screenwriting: Bernard Badion (WPTV – M.F.A ’15)

2015 Student Service & Leadership Awards:
Maya Ben Yair (Production – B.A. ’17)
Garrett Harris (Production – B.A. ’15)
Trent Nakamura (Recording Arts – B.A. ’15)
Student Organization of the Year Award: Delta Kappa Alpha – Cinematic Artists of Character

Woody Woodpecker Award (faculty selected annual award for the Best Animator – winner receives a a Woody Woodpecker statuette and a $2500 check from the Walter Lantz Foundation):
Julia Vanderpoel (Animation – B.A. ’15) – Chasm Crossing

LMU Graduate Student Association’s On Campus Service Leadership Award:
Ebony Gilbert (Screenwriting – M.F.A.’15)