Rewind: A Look Back at FOF 2012

It’s that time of year again. Submissions are now closed for the 2013 Film Outside the Frame student awards and film festival, and the judging process is under way. As students eagerly await the announcement of this year’s nominations, we thought we’d take a look at what some of last year’s winning films have accomplished since FOF 2012.

Reclamation directed by Dave Lehleitner

FOF ’12 Best Director, Best Live Action, Best Cinematography (Adam Lee), Best Production Design (Kate Rhamey), Best Sound Design (Eric Wegener) and Student Choice Award

Silver Lei Award – 2013 Honolulu International Film Festival

Best Student Film – Monarch Film Festival

Best Picture –  IFFCA Film Festival

Best Cinematography – Festivus Film Festival

Official Selection:
Fort Collins Film Festival; Big Easy Film Festival ; ITSA Film Festival ; 2013 ComicCon International Film Festival

Counterfeiters directed by Bryce Hirschberg

FOF ’12 Best Picture

Best Experimental Film – California Film Awards

Official Selection:
KCET Fine Cut Series; Studio City Film Festival; Phoenix Film Festival; Short Film Corner at the Cannes Film Festival

By The Book directed by Milan Glavies

FOF ’12 Best Comedy

Best Supporting Short Film – Short. Sweet. Film Festival

Official Selection:
L.A. Indie Film Fest

You can check out the trailers for these three films, and the rest of last year’s award winners and nominees below.