Game On: Alum Francis Lawrence Featured in LMU Magazine

LMUm Winter15 Lawrence cropped - Game On: Alum Francis Lawrence Featured in LMU MagazineDirector Francis Lawrence ’91 has helmed two of the three The Hunger Games films, and the final of the franchise, Mockingjay-Part 2, was released this past November.

In LMU Magazine’s cover story, “Hunger Strike” (out now), Lawrence speaks to critic David L. Ulin about the political and timely themes in the The Hunger Games and his work on the films.

He also provides valuable advice for aspiring filmmakers: “Just make. Kids can be out there every weekend making movies. Ninety-nine percent of those movies are going to suck – I know mine did – but you have to get that out of your system. You have to copy movies you like and fail. You have to go out and shoot and shoot and shoot.”

Read LMU Magazine’s cover story.