2016 FOF Winners

SFTV FOF Laurel 3 300x152 - 2016 FOF WinnersWinners of the 12th Film Outside the Frame were announced at this year’s awards show and film festival at the Director’s Guild of America on October 2, 2016. LMU alumnus and creator of Johnny Bravo, Van Partible, was honored with the Distinguished Alumni Award at the ceremony. Among the awards presenters was Academy Award winning sound designer and LMU alum Bob Beemer (Gladiator, Speed, Dreamgirls).

We are so proud of all the outstanding student work that was submitted this year, and congratulate each of our nominees and winners! As Johnny Bravo would say, “Thank you, thank you very much!”

Cub Award
Sparks (Director: Tancredi Di Paola)

Silver Lion Award
When Purple Mountain Burns (Director: Ian Lin)

Golden Lion Award
Jasmine (Director: Fadia Alhallak, Dylan Mowat)

Student Choice Award
When Purple Mountain Burns (Director: Ian Lin)

Best Recorded Song
Free (Composer: Sam Mazahery)

Best Sound Design
Goldilocks (Sound Designers: Cameron Billingham, Matt Pendleton)

Best Animation
Stardust Echoes (Animator: Kevin Molina-Ortiz)

Ian Conner Award For Best Cinematography
Love Child (DP: Logan Fulton)

Dreier Family Award For Best Editing
Blocks (Editor: Quran Squire)

Arkoff Award For Best Produced Screenplay
Exodus of the Rohingyas (Writer: Ian Lin; Producer: An Drew Lim)

Best Production Design
Skinwalkers (PD: Epiphany Hulburd)

Best Documentary
Living With Fire (Director: Claire M. Andreae)

Best Original Graduate Screenplay
Make Time (Writer: Jonathan Medici)

Best Original Undergraduate Screenplay
Mine to Keep (Writer: Erin Walsh)
Yesterday is Another World (Writer: Kimiko Wojtena)

Best Original Graduate Pilot or Teleplay
War Paint (Writer: Tom Young) 

Best Original Undergraduate Pilot or Teleplay
Snake Charmer (Writer: Peter Elliott Behm)

Faculty Award For Promotion of Social Justice
So Far From God (Director: Bret Polish)

Faculty Award For Global Perspective & Intercultural Experiences
Jasmine (Animator: Fadia Alhallak, Dylan Mowat)

Bernard Abbene Comedy Writing Award (Best Comedy)
Fatigued (Writers: Isis Grills, Caroline Gecker)

SFTV Dean’s Directing Award
Vilt Gutt (Director: Dawson Taylor)

Student Choice Award
When Purple Mountain Burns (Director: Ian Lin)

The James Wong Best Picture Award
So Far From God (Director: Bret Polish)