Film Outside the Frame 2017 Nominations

LMU FOF Camera 791x1024 - Film Outside the Frame 2017 Nominations

With the largest number of submissions to date, and another summer of three intense rounds of voting, FOF 2017 nominations are in!

FOF nominated and winning films have gone on to win Student Academy Awards, receive BAFTA nominations, air on HBO, and have been official selections at festivals including SXSW, ComicCon International Film Festival and Cannes Film Festival, just to name a few.

Below is a list of this year’s nominated FOF films. Winners will be announced Sunday, October 1st, 2017 (1:30pm) at the Theatre at Ace Hotel Downtown. Check your lion mail for the official invitation!

Congratulations to each and every SFTV student who submitted this year.



Cub Award

Dreamweavers (Animators: Alivia Horsley, Christina Yi, Themelina Davila)

Mr. Cool (Director: Aaron Hill)

How to Lucid Dream (Director: Aaron Hill)

Red Babe – A Horror Short Film (Director: Aiman Samat)

Life is Beautiful (Director: Pascal Sambor)


Silver Lion Award

Phantasiaman (Director: Mariel Sosa)

Street Legal: The Afternoon and Times of Henry Royburg (Director: Daniel Polo)

Coulrophobe (Director: Jacob Fuller)

Karikatur: The Work of Klaus Stuttmann (Director: Clark Eglinton)

Cisza (Director: Ben Glassman)


Golden Lion Award

Widow (Director: Rachel Econ)

Onset (Director: Nick Ertola)

Iridescence (Director: Rachel Napierkowski)

Framed (Director: Gabriela Garza-Lainez)

Place 21 (Director: Maya Ben Yair)


Student Choice Award

Love, Song (Director: Qingge Hermione Gao)

Widow (Director: Rachel Econ)

Onset (Director: Nick Ertola)

Spring, Orchid (Director: Hengqing Kat Pan)

Iridescence (Director: Rachel Napierkowski)


Best Sound Design

Dreamweavers (Sound Designers: Yi Ming Zhou, Amanda Niles)

Curiosities of the Quiet Boy (Sound Designers: Matthew Pendleton, Karly Garster)

Coulrophobe (Sound Designer: Jacob Fuller)

Within (Sound Designer: Jack Hicks)

Iridescence (Sound Designer: Sabrina Hill)


Ian Conner Award For Best Cinematography

Widow (DP: Logan Fulton)

Curiosities of the Quiet Boy (DP: Matthew Ballard)

Y2-10-10-1 (DP: Hajar Alnaim)

Coulrophobe (DP: Martin Taube)

Onset (DP: Andy Fronczak)


Dreier Family Award For Best Editing

Curiosities of the Quiet Boy (Editor: Quran Squire)

Widow (Editor: Laura Kulik)

Coulrophobe (Editor: Jacob Fuller)

Temptation (Editor: Dawson Taylor)

Onset (Editor: Nick Ertola)


Arkoff Award For Best Produced Screenplay

Laced (Writer/Producer: David Fortune, Producers: Quran Squire, Ana Podrez, Writer: Sheena Pinkney)

Abandon (Writers: Varun Chopra, Myles Reid, Producers: Shauna Deleon, Christopher Cranston)

The Off Season (Writer/Producer: Jenna Park)

Time, Life, and Why… (Writers: Kayla Hashimoto, Katelyn Saindon, Producers: Alexandra Marske, Nader Motamedi)

HASU (Writer: Alayna Kobayashi, Producer: Katie Anne Moy)


Best Documentary

Human Capital (Writer/Director/Producer: Ksusha Genenfeld)

Phantasiaman (Writer/Director/Producer: Mariel Sosa)

Home at Last (Writer/Director/Producer: Yimin Gu)

Everything Old is New Again (Writer/Director/Producer: Keelan Williams)

For the Love of the Game (Writer/Director: Ian Dizon, Producers: Theodore Chu, Paige Prevost)


Best Production Design

The Last Protestor (PD: Qingge Hermione Gao)

Widow (PD: Marisa Stelly)

Y2-10-10-1 (PD: Yoyo Li)

Cisza (PD: Victor Antonio Labarthe)

Wordsmith (PD: Steve Demakos)


Best Webisode

The Con (Executive Producers: Colleen Bradley, Ariel Rejae)

Opal City (Executive Producer: Nzinga Murray)

I’m Sad! (Executive Producer: Lizzie Germann)

The Writers Room: Under Fire (Executive Producer/Writer: Ryan Pawlak, Writer: Sarah Bockian)


Best Original Graduate Screenplay

The Last Word (Writer: Ahleea Zama)

Strawberry Fields (Writer: Sam McGoldrick)

The Hiding Place (Writer: Stephen Martin)


Best Original Undergraduate Screenplay

Sugar Land (Writer: Alexa Garster)

Tender (Writer: Zoe Vitale)

Bad Beer for Bad People (Writer: Ryan Steel)


Best Original Graduate Pilot or Teleplay

BANGED (Writer: Jenna Park)

Skin (Writer: Ahleea Zama)

The Playing Field (Writer: Ahleea Zama)


Best Original Undergraduate Pilot or Teleplay

The Republic (Writer: April Pratt)

Leaving Independence (Writer: Sarah Bockian)

Pros of Con (Writer: Rebecca Liaw)


Faculty Award For Promotion of Social Justice

Fall From Grace (Director: Morgan Hinshaw)

Undiscovered Princess (Director: Z. Khalilah)

Up for Demolition (Director: Brittany Chenelle Green)

Keeper (Director: Jennifer Bonhert)

Cisza (Director: Ben Glassman)

Human Capital (Director: Ksusha Genenfeld)


Faculty Award For Global Perspective & Intercultural Experiences

Home at Last (Director: Yimin Gu)

Spring, Orchid (Director: Henqing Kat Pan)

Velkommen til Sapmi (Director: Caroline Papadimos)

Up for Demolition (Director: Brittany Chenelle Green)

Human Capital (Director: Ksusha Genenfeld)

Saptapadi (Director: Zac Chia)


Best Animation

Terminal (Animator: Anthony Valenzuela)

On the Rocks (Animators: Kate Gotfredson, Mikey Barreto)

Iridescence (Animator: Rachel Napierkowski)

Façade (Animators: Amy Rodriguez, Emily Noriega, Hannah Kim)


Bernard Abbene Comedy Writing Award (Best Comedy)

YouSuck (Writer: Brennan Gilpatrick, Producers Ryan Pawlak, Elias Ontiveros)

March of the Band Nerds (Writer/Producer: Elise Dean, Producer: Nader Motamedi)

The Off Season (Writer/Producer: Jenna Park)

UPS (Writer/Director: Rafael Diez)

Mr. Cool (Writer/Director: Aaron Hill)


SFTV Dean’s Directing Award

Laced (Director: David Fortune)

Spring, Orchid (Director: Hengqing Kat Pan)

Widow (Director: Rachel Econ)

Time, Life and Why… (Director: Kayla Hashimoto)

Temptation (Director: Dawson Taylor)


The James Wong Best Picture Award

The Shuttle (Writer/Director/Producer: Lu Han, Producer: Ahleea Zama)

Terminal (Animator: Anthony Valenzuela)

Place 21 (Writer/Director/Producer: Maya Ben Yair)

Human Capital (Writer/Director: Ksusha Genenfeld)

Love, Song (Writer/Director/Producer: Qingge Hermione Gao)

Spring, Orchid (Writer/Director/Producer: Hengqing Kat Pan)

Onset (Writer: Ben Imperato, Director: Nick Ertola, Producers: David Fortune, Ana Podrez, Elias Ontiveros)

Off the Grid (Writer: Brennan Gilpatrick, Director/Producer: Nick Serabyn)