Remembrance during Study Abroad

MeuseArgonneStudentsCemetary - Remembrance during Study Abroad

SFTV students on the Study Abroad Program in Bonn had the extraordinary opportunity to take a trip to the battlefields in Northern France to mark the centenary of the longest … Read more

SFTV welcomes Margaret Murphy

Margaret Murphy e1537309221922 - SFTV welcomes Margaret Murphy

LMU’s School of Film and Television welcomes Associate Professor Margaret Murphy. In her long career working with some of the biggest names in television production, Professor Murphy has been involved … Read more

The Portal opens at Playa Vista Campus

Untitled design 55 - The Portal opens at Playa Vista Campus

LMU School of Film and Television has partnered with Film Independent to host The Portal, a multimedia event that features a collection of virtual, augmented, mixed reality experiences. The event … Read more

Your Ultimate Summer Reading List

Another summer, another chance to catch up on your reading list. In the mood for an action-packed true crime story about a citizen’s sleuth on the trail of a fugitive? Want to … Read more