Alumnus Arden Tse Nominated for ASC Linwood Dunn Student Heritage Award

The American Society of Cinematographers has honored alumnus Arden Tse (Production – B.A. ‘13) with a nomination for the Linwood Dunn Student Heritage Award for his cinematography in the film The Imperfect Method. According to Tse there were over 150 entries this year. Tse is one of 12 cinematographers from 10 film schools nominated.

The Imperfect Method was shot half in China and half in the U.S. The project itself was a mix of action, comedy, TV-drama, horror and documentary. This presented a challenge to Tse because of the many visual styles he had to shoot, which he believes is part of the reason the ASC took notice.

“I think the mixture of heavy eastern elements, 100s of monks and 200 sheep stampeding the Northern China field, and western culture could be something that is not usually seen in a film at student level,” said Tse. “It’s definitely the most challenging project I’ve ever done but frankly, also the one I had most fun.”

In 2013, Tse was nominated for the Ian Connor Award For Best Cinematography at Film Outside The Frame for his work on Electric Fade.

Lately, Tse has been shooting different projects including films with fellow Lions. He’s recently finished Fairytale directed by Kyle Laffey (Production – ‘14) and Starcrossed a feature film directed by Chase Mohseni (Production – ‘14).

Watch the Trailer for The Imperfect Method here: 

You can read about Tse’s nomination in The Hollywood Reporter here: