Lost Alumni

We’re missing email addresses for far too many of our SFTV alumni. Speaking from the perspective of a 2006 alum, if you haven’t been here since graduation, you are missing out on some fantastic opportunities, such as the annual Steed Symposium, which examines the people, ideas and technology shaping today’s industry. There’s also FilmCraft, a new series for students and alumni that brings industry professionals to campus for in-depth presentations focusing on the craft and business of filmmaking.

Beyond that, the facilities are keeping pace with the industry. The third floor of the COMM Arts building is now entirely devoted to the animation department. Post-production has switched from Final Cut Pro to Avid. If you’re like me, you want LMU’s film school to be mentioned nationally as equal or greater to the other top schools in the world. For that, we need our alumni to be connected.

Now that I have my pitch out of the way, click here to find a master list of lost alumni. If you recognize any of these names, are friends with them, Facebook or otherwise, please forward them this link and have them reach out to me with their updated information.

Thank you.

Patrick McConville
Interim Administrative Coordinator
BA, Film Production, 2006