2015-2016 Incubator Lab Cohort Announced

IncubatorLab - 2015-2016 Incubator Lab Cohort Announced

The 2015-2016 cohort pictured with alum/director/producer Mathew Cullen (far left) whose work includes music videos for artists such as Katy Perry, the Black Eyed Peas and Weezer. (Photo by Amanda Edwards/WireImage)

Now in its fourth year, SFTV’s Incubator Lab, co-curated with Film Independent, has proven successful in transitioning graduates into the industry. The competitive program helps newly minted graduates develop projects through a diverse set of filmmaker tools and professional guidance. This year’s cohort was announced at the LA Film Fest’s Master Class: Boundless Visual Storytelling with LMU alum/director/producer Mathew Cullen (’98).

Congratulations to the new cohort!

Bernard Badion (M.F.A. WPTV ’15)
Mara De La Rosa (B.A. Theater Arts ’14)
Charles Dewey (M.F.A. WPTV ’14)
Melissa Effa (B.A. Production ’14)
Aaron Gervich (B.A. Production ’12)
William Gish (M.F.A. Screenwriting ’15)
Daniel Hogan (M.F.A. Screenwriting ’15)
Jim Jacobi (M.F.A. Production ’15)
Jessica Jacobs (B.A. Production ’15)
Chris Jones (M.F.A. Production ’15)
Nguyen Le (B.A. Screenwriting ’13)
Colleen Marshall (M.F.A. Screenwriting ’12)
Alex Merkle (B.A. Production ’12)
Danielle Ownbey (M.F.A. Screenwriting ’15)
Irma Puzauskaite (M.F.A. Production ’15)
Elizabeth Quinn (M.F.A. WPTV ’15)
Steven Rogers (M.F.A. WPTV ’15)
Michael Sitnikov (M.F.A. WPTV ’15)
Allan Tran (B.A. Production ’13)

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