2014-2015 Incubator Lab Cohort Announced

SFTV IncubatorLab RGB - 2014-2015 Incubator Lab Cohort Announced


It’s no secret that gaining solid footing in the industry can be a challenge, which is why LMU SFTV and Film Independent partnered to create the Incubator Lab, a competitive post-graduate program for select graduates. Now with its third cohort, this one-year program helps young film and television hopefuls build their creative portfolio and transition into the industry.

This year’s Incubator Lab cohort was announced during Alumni Night at the LA Film Fest, which included a reception and gala screening of SFTV alum Effie Brown’s film Dear White People. For many of the alums who were in attendance, it was a chance to meet the new Incubator Lab cohort and share their experiences. Incubator Lab alum Ashton Kennedy (Film and Television Production – B.A. ’12) noted that the Incubator Lab was instrumental in getting her project Three Steps Back to Awesome off the ground. “The Lab, in addition to the mentorship and career support, provided the equipment we needed during production and post. It was an invaluable experience and program.”

This year’s participants will be provided with numerous educational and mentorship opportunities, including Film Independent memberships along with its benefits, as well as access to selected LMU resources. Congratulations to 2014-2015 cohort!

Philippa Adams (B.A. Screenwriting ’14)
Christian Armada (B.A. Production ’14)
Chelsea Bo (B.A. Production ’14)
Rachel Brethauer (M.F.A. WPTV ’14)
Jasmine Chiong (B.A. Screenwriter ’14)
Aaron Lee Dowell (M.F.A. Production ’11)
Sean Drummond(B.A. Production ’14)
Jia Feng (M.F.A Production ’14)
Neil Hilken (B.A. Production ’14)
Thomas Ireton (B.A. Production ’14)
Celeste Klaus (M.F.A. WPTV ’14)
James Mackenzie (M.F.A. Production ’14)
Fan Ni (M.F.A. Production ’14)
Alana Rinicella (B.A. Production ’13)
Christian Sautter (B.A. Production ’13)
Kelsey Taylor (B.A. Production ’14)